• 500 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training

    London, Uk

    May 2018-May 2019

    One year program

    500-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with SYT Erin Prichard

    Guest Teachers: Stewart Gilchrist, Natalie Black, Gabriella Burnel, Becky Farbstein, Jeff DeLilla, Lo Lo Lam, Katie Gaddiani, Kate Dowen, Luke Rogan

    The training is fully accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals, and will run for 12 weekends over one year

    May 2018-April 2019. Please see full syllabus below for the full details.


    This course is for teacher's who already have their 200 hour TT certificate. The course is an additional 300 hrs with over 280 contact hours and 20 hours of self-study and research.


    The course will be split into 8 different modules which will be split over the period of a year. There will also be a one day silent meditation retreat, one research project, one half day bouldering and continued mentorship over 10 classes that you teach on a regular basis.

    Module 1:

    Advanced Teaching Skills and Practise

    We will be looking at advanced assists. How to sequence for 45, 60, 75, 90 beginners and more experienced classes. Sequencing for special needs students. Making classes adaptable. Asana lab. The act of observation whilst teaching. Case studies,looking at students with specific needs. Teaching practise. We also be looking at yoga philosophy more in depth and how to weave it into our teachings. There will be daily Pranayama , chanting, and meditation practices. Taught by Erin Prichard


    Module 2:

    History of Yoga

    History of Yoga: This module will considers various archaeological, historical, and sociological perspectives on yoga with the aim of shedding light on the fragmentary, diverse and often enigmatic evidence of yoga practices in both the East and the West from 3500 BCE to 2018 AD. Taught by Becky Farbstein


    Women in Yoga: A feminist perspective

    We will be looking at women’s role throughout the history of Yoga and how women have re-vitalized yoga throughout the ages. Exploring the beginning times of Tantric yoga to the rise of the Brahmins and a male dominated society, to the key yoginis who revolutionised and added a distinct feminine thread to the tapestry of Yoga. We will discuss breaking the male dominated tradition whilst still keeping to the roots and how to practise Yoga in a feminine way. We will look at what it means to be a Yogini today and if the role of the female has changed or are we still living in a time of male dominance? Taught by Erin Prichard


    Module 3

    Making Yoga Inclusive

    In this module we will look at changing perceptions of normality by changing perceptions of disability. Looking at the social model of disability and deconstruct what it actually means. How can we benefit people with different abilities.How to work with differing abilities, physical, learning, emotional, and complex needs. Taught by Nat Black


    Yoga for all bodies

    We will be looking at ways to adapt yoga for all bodies, using chair and floor techniques. We will also look at the science behind yoga and meditation and how we can help others. Taught by Erin Prichard


    Yoga and Addiction

    Taught by Stewart Gilchrist


    Module 4

    Karma Yoga: Yoga off the mat

    In this module we will be looking more in depth at the philosophies of the Bhagavad Gita and what the teachings of Karma Yoga actually mean. We will have two specialist teachers, coming to speak about Gender and Climate Change. Katie Gaddiani, will be teaching about healing and Yoga for gender violence and survivors of sexual assault and how gender plays a role in the classroom and how to sensitive to gender dimensions. Kate, will be talking about how we can live more consciously off the mat in regards to the planet and climate change. There will also be an expectation to take part in a community service project throughout the courses duration. Taught by Erin Prichard, Katie Gaddiani, and Kate Dowen


    Module 5


    Sanskrit specialist will be taking us deeper into to learning Sanskrit in a fun and approachable way. Lets get our chant on.Taught by Gabriella Burnel


    Module 6

    Advanced Anatomy

    Jeff Delilla, a chartered physiotherapist , will be guiding deeper into the understanding anatomy and movement. Taught by Jeffrey Delilla


    Electric Body. We will be looking more in depth to the subtle energy bodies, koshas, prana vayus, nadis, and and how to purify with advanced pranayama techniques. Taught by Erin Prichard


    Module 7

    Business of Yoga

    Yoga retreats, workshops, and charity events can all be a lot of fun but slightly daunting to plan when you are a new teacher. We will be looking at how to organise all of these events in an easier way. Students will have a go planning one of their own special events. Taught by Erin Prichard


    Module 8


    Holistic Practices

    In this module, we will have an Auryvedic and Aromatherapy specialist teaching us more about these practices in order to enrich our teaching skills.

    Taught by LoLo Lam and Luke



    Also included in course:

    One day silent meditation retreat

    Half day bouldering

    Mentorship over 10 classes

    Students will be expected to complete one research project, participate in one charitable event, and teach 10 classes throughout the year that will be mentored by Erin Prichard.


    Pre-requisites for this course:

    You must be a 200 hour trained teacher with a minimum of 6 months teaching experience.



    3600 pounds

    There is an option to take each module as a workshop for CPD hours.



    Cost for Modules or CPD Workshops


    Module 1- 50 hours Advanced TT

    May 12/13 8-6

    July 28 8-6

    Jan 26/27 8-6

    450 Pounds



    Module 2-

    History of Yoga

    July 29 8-6

    October 20/21 8-6

    270 Pounds



    Module 3-


    Sept 29 8-11

    Sept 30 12-6

    November 10 8-6

    November 11 8-6

    December 8 1-6

    December 9 1-6



    Module 4


    Feb 23/24 8-6



    Module 5-


    Sept 29 11-6

    Sept 30 9-12



    Module 6-


    November 10/11 8-1

    December 8/9 8-1



    Module 8- Holistic workshop TBA


    Please apply here


    There are options to pay for this course in monthly instalments.


    I know Yoga can be very expensive! So I will be offering one scholarship to this program at a largely discounted price. Please apply here.





    May 12/13 ( Module 1)

    July 28/29 (Module 1,2)

    September 29/30 ( Module 3 Nat, 5 Gabriela)

    October 20/21 ( Module 2 Becky)

    November 10/11 ( Module 3 Stewart, Erin)

    December 8th/9th (Module 3 Stewart, Module 3 Nat, Module 6)



    January 26/27 ( Module 1, 4, 6 Erin)

    February 23/24 (Module 4 Kate Katie)

    March 16/17 ( Module 7, 8)

    April 27/28 (Module 1,8)





    Full Syllabus

    Terms and Conditions